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Aspect-Oriented Programming Factory Version 1.0

STATUS KEY : Specification Design and Architecture Development and Testing Complete
  • Overview

    Add functionality to objects without changing their code.

  • Functionality

    Aspect Oriented Programming encourages code re-use by separating aspects away from implementations. An aspect is a domain that interacts with all areas of your code.

    Examples of aspects are the following; security, logging and threading. The AOP Factory component adds a factory that will decorate code with functionality from three TopCoder components, logging wrapper, security manager and timer.
  • Technologies



    Version 1.0
  Java Base Exception 20080227 Encapsulates custom exception functionality. more Download
  Java Configuration Manager 20110518 Centralizes the management of and access to application level configuration files. more Download
  Java Logging Wrapper 20080227 Provides a standard logging API with a pluggable back-end logging implementation. more Download
  Java Reference Collection 20040728 reference data structure with the ability to retrieve an object that was garbage collected. more Download
  Java Timer 19700101 Enables 'stopwatch' type functionality to be integrated into existing and new software. more Download
  Java Type Safe Enum 20080227 Adds typesafe enums to the Java language more Download