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Auto Pilot Version 1.0

STATUS KEY : Specification Design and Architecture Development and Testing Complete
  • Overview

    Auto Pilot makes use of the API defined by Phase Management to automate the project execution.

  • Functionality

    Auto Pilot makes use of the API defined by Phase Management to automate the project execution. Scheduled phases will be started if certain conditions are met, and open phases will be ended if certain conditions are met. Phase execution will be evaluated periodically or on events. Phase changes will be audited.

    A project can go from alpha phase into beta when all the major bugs have been fixed. Auto pilot is configured to run once each day in this scenario. After the phase handler for the alpha phase confirms that all major bugs are resolved, and auto pilot closes the alpha phase. A second phase handler indicates that beta has all its dependencies closed and auto pilot opens the beta phase. Upon opening the phase the phase handler sends notification emails to all project resources.
  • Technologies



    Version 1.0
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