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PKI Authentication Module Version 1.0

STATUS KEY : Specification Design and Architecture Development and Testing Complete
  • Overview

    Provides concrete implementation of PKI authentication for Authentication Manager component.

  • Functionality

    Client public key infrastructure (PKI) certificates can be used to authenticate and gain access to PKI controlled Web sites. Client certificates can be used as an alternate mechanism to authenticate in systems. Alternatively client PKI certificate can be used to provide for multi-factor authentication to achieve strong authentication where a user needs to provide a client certificate along with the usual user ID and password. To use this mechanism itÂ’s required that the client mechanism support a PKI based authentication mechanism. Most of the popularly used browsers support client side PKI certificates. The necessary certificates can be stored on the client machine used to access the application or more recently on removable secure drives, smart cards, or USB tokens. Web systems requiring PKI access control need to be programmed to use authentication information delivered through SSL
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    Version 1.0
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