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Stoppable Thread Class Version 1.0

STATUS KEY : Specification Design and Architecture Development and Testing Complete
  • Overview

    Provides the infrastructure to safely implement stoppable threads.

  • Functionality

    The Stoppable Thread Component provides the infrastructure to safely implement stoppable threads. The component takes into account interaction with the I/O subsystem to either properly interrupt those operations or wait until they have successfully completed.

    Defining a Stoppable Thread component that safely enables a thread to be stopped can be used in any number of applications. For example, a web server typically uses multiple threads to manage incoming requests. Some of these requests may process functionality such as file uploading. Employing a stoppable thread will enable the safe stoppage of one of these threads without corrupting a file that has been uploaded by killing the file write process before the full file is written.
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    Version 1.0
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